Receive a 50% Wage Subsidy for each New student placement (up to $5000 during the Summer Term)

This free program from Magnet and Ontario Chamber of Commerce features a Student Work Placement Program which is focused on bringing together Employers, students, and post-secondary stakeholders to work together in creating high quality work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities.  

As an employer you can receive wage subsidies up to $5000 for creating new positions for post-secondary students and offering paid work experiences during the summer term.

For underrepresented groups including women in STEM, Indigenous students, newcomers, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and first-year students, this wage subsidy could be as high as 70%, or $7000.


Bobcaygeon Chamber Student Jobs Portal

Featured in this program is a jobs portal specifically for the Bobcaygeon Chamber offering a single solution for connecting your business to both excellent talent, and opportunities for your business to grow.

With a FREE account, our portal enables you to send job opportunities through Outcome Campus Connect to 85+ post-secondary job boards across Canada with a single click.

You can also explore funding opportunities, grants, and subsidies all to help grow your business!

Net New Hires

The SWPP program is an economic development effort funded by the federal government to support the growth of Canadian businesses and nonprofits. Organizations who wish to participate must demonstrate a projected increase in the number of students hired in their “baseline year” in order to qualify. Net new is determined by subtracting the number of students hired by an employer in the first year prior to first participating in the Student Work Placement Program, from the number of students (not staff) the employer is intending to hire in the current fiscal year, including those already hired.

For more information on how this system works, and examples, head here.


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